And keep growing from there!

You create and sell products and you know that a running a successful shop is possible…
But your current storefront won’t get you there.
Does any of this sound familiar?

You have an awesome product and adore your customers but your website looks kinda mediocre and you know it’s hurting your sales…  

You feel embarrassed by your website so you don’t market it as much as you know you should. 

You’re not that techy but want to DIY your website, you just wished you had someone to tell you what’s important and give you directions. 

You want to make sure you’re doing your website design right this time so you stop wasting time and start making more sales. 

You feel strongly that your products deserve a website that shows off how incredible they are.

I see and hear this time and time again (even from 6-figure business owners!) You feel embarrassed by your store so you either:
Send people over to Etsy, where you make less profit and won’t build your email list or brand recognition…

You don’t market your shop at all, which also means you make less profit and won’t build your email list or brand recognition…

Either way, a crappy website is holding you back from all the possibilities.
Once your website looks great:

You’ll feel proud of your shop and want to give the link to everyone you meet, which leads to more sales! 

You’ll wake up to new orders from customers who found your site and fell in love with your brand.

You’ll feel much better about your business when the orders keep coming in, so you’ll actually show up for it even more. 

You’ll get to spend more time creating and design fun new products that light your fire, YAY!  

You’ll be focused on marketing and PR to grow your community of loyal fans, cha-ching! 

It’s a cycle that grows your business and your income,


The self-study program to help you create an amazing website, without spending hours on Google or learning code, so you can focus on the parts of your business that you love. 


(Instead of stressing endlessly about your freaking website.)

Here’s Everything You get Instant Access to When You Join:

Module 1- Research + Strategy
Discover sites you love, functions you want for your store and layouts that inspire your design.

Module 2 - Homepage Design
Create a homepage that converts shoppers and makes customers fall in love with your company.

Module 3 - Internal Page Design 
Build out all the supporting pages like about, contact, etc. all of these support your shopper experience.

Module 4 - Collection + Product Pages 
Product pages will make or break your shop, since that’s where sales happen ;) Let’s make sure you get them right.

Module 5 - Adding Apps
Apps will help you do so much more with Shopify! We’ll find the best ones for your store and situation.

Module 6 - Testing + Publish
Just as it sounds, we’ll go through testing to make sure everything is good to go before hitting publish!

And these fun bonuses:

The Launch Plan - Celebrate + Show Off

Get the most out of the work you’ve done on the site. Celebrate your hard work and launch with a bang!

Facebook Community

Get support and receive feedback from other students in the course, you’re not doing it all alone!
Moodboard Training (BONUS!) 

Shaina Longstreet at Dawn & Delight Creative provided this amazing bonus to help you put together a visual guide for your website if you don’t have a brand yet!

Each module takes about 30-45 minutes and is broken down into easy-to-follow lessons. The lessons come with video and/or written text (for definitions and clarifications). There are lots of examples to show you instead of tell you. Make sure you don’t miss a step by using the included checklists and examples of what is possible for your site!

Ready to DIY your shop and increase your sales?

6 modules broken down into easy-to-follow steps.

 Checklists, assignments, and examples. 


The Shop Launch Plan 


Slack Community 

 BONUS: Moodboard Training


6 modules broken down into easy-to-follow steps.

 Checklists, assignments, and examples. 


The Shop Launch Plan 


Slack Community 

 BONUS: Moodboard Training

Is this for you?
Diy shop-ify is for you if:

You’re ready to build your Shopify store that you’re proud to show off and would like some strategic help along the way.

You’re tired of feeling embarrassed by your website and you’re ready to do something about it.

You want to make sure you’re doing your website design right this time so you stop wasting time and start making more sales.

and I help creative business owners sell more products

The shop you’ve created has so much potential but your website keeps you stuck in the embarrassment cycle, meaning you don’t promote and grow your business.

You may be worried that people will laugh at you and refuse to take you and your “little business” seriously, but we both know that you have HUGE dreams.

And I want to help you reach them. 

7 years ago I desperately wanted to create a business that would provide for my family, because my husband just lost his job. And I was pregnant.

Things got bad before they got better - making tiny payments on our maxed out credit cards, our phones got turned off, we even had to borrow money to pay for the vet fees when our dog passed away from heat stroke.

But I knew. 

I knew that I could make money through my business, I knew I had the power to change our lives. And eventually I did.

Hanging onto my dreams and working towards them every single day worked. Eventually we got to a place where we had savings, paid off all those credit cards, and now my husband works part-time so he can take care of the kids.

I’m telling you this so you know that it’s possible. I’m telling you this because that nudge or dream you have for your shop, it is within your grasp.

Ready to DIY Your Shopify Store and Start Bringing in
Those Sales?

Answers for your Questions

  • Is this program for me?
    If you’re a business owner who wants to create a Shopify website that sells your products… but you hate trying to fit your unique business into a theme that just doesn’t feel right, this is for you.
  • I already have a Shopify site, will this work for me?
    Yes! This course is designed for new shop owners and those who already have a Shopify store. You can work on your site update in the backend of Shopify while your current site stays open until you’re ready to launch using the launch plan!
  • What additional fees are associated with Shopify?
    The Basic Shopify plan costs $39 per month. You'll also need a custom domain if you don't already have one, that’s about $12 per year. I recommend a premium theme ($150-$400), but will also show you options for using a free theme. Additional apps can have a fee as well typically between $2-$15 per month, those are also optional.
  • My site is currently on Squarespace (or any other platform) and I want to move to Shopify. Will this course help me?
    Yes! There’s an extra video lesson to show you how to easily migrate your current website, including all the products, customer info, and past orders to Shopify.
  • What kind of support will be offered?
    We have a community Slack channel for extra support, to ask questions, and share your work.
  • How long will I have access to the content and support?
    You will have access to the course for as long as the course exists. 
  • Does this course include any coding or customizations outside the theme?
    Nope. This course teaches you how to be creative within the boundaries of the theme (and possibly apps) that you choose. However, there is a lesson that shares some resources so you can get outside help for any additional customizations you might want to add. There’s no coding required to make a stand-out shop!
  • Do you have a refund policy?
    Due to the on-demand nature of this course there are no refunds.
  • I have a different question!
    Ask away! I have a little chat box in the right hand corner of the screen or you can email me at

I'm saving a spot for you right here! 

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